Project structure

Work package 1: Business model, Integration tests and Dissemination

Results gained from interviews with primary (older adults) and secondary (e.g. organizations) end-users, research of their behaviour and needs as well as from the market analysis are reported as high-level requirements and high-level solution design. These results build the foundation for the analysis in work package II to IV. Moreover, work package 1 lead the final Integration tests with the different pilot applications. Further major tasks are the elaboration of the business model and plan as well as the disseminaiton of the results.

Work package 2 and 3: Supply and demand front-end

Objective of work package II and III is the development of the supply (older adults) and demand (e.g. organizations) front-end. Detailed requirements are elaborated based on inputs from work package I, a detailed competitor analysis as well as interviews with end-users. Based on the detailed requirements, the detailed solution design as well as a first prototype is elaborated. User acceptance tests give further Inputs on the requirements as well as the solution design and prototype which are continuously adapted. By the end, the pilot applications are settled and finally tested in a live environment.

Work package 4: Back-end

Objective of work package IV is to develop a backend software solution.

Work package 5: Project Management

The project management activities (such as meetings, internal communication, reports, project controlling and analysis) take place throughout the whole project duration.