Target Groups


In order to establish a demand, business models are developed which identify older people’s capital as well as markets where their capital is of value. To create experience markets, demanders and suppliers of experience must come together and the platforms must themselves be operated by a platform operator.


Experience Suppliers

  • Older adults motivated simply by voluntary work
  • Older adults motivated simply by the wish of still working beyond pension
  • Older adults with the need of additional income beyond pension
  • Older employees with the wish of a new, meaningful activity for the years before Pension

Experience Demanders

  • Firms
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Associations
  • Private individuals

 Platform Operators

  • Firms
  • Non-profit organizations
  • State / Community


User Integration

In order to know and understand the needs, wishes and requirements of the target groups very early, they are involved into the development process from the very beginning. Thus, all target groups are invited to workshops

  • to define the requirements to a solution
  • to evaluate prototypes
  • to test pilot applications

Continuous feedback during the entire development process ensures developing a solution that is target as well as market oriented.