Alpnet Engineering AG
ALPNET was founded in 1995 as Spin-Off of the Multi Media Laboratory of the Computer Science Institute of University of Zurich. Since then, many projects have been successfully performed involving software, platform and requirements engineering as well as project management activities. ALPNET has proven long-term experiences in the design, development and operations of user centered and operations driven end-to-end solutions integrating heterogeneous components, data sets and organizational setups. Over the past around 20 years, ALPNET has also performed many projects involving near- and offshore project setups with various partners, such as with its subsidiary ALPNET (Hungary) Kft in Budapest.

Office Location
Alpnet Engineering AG
Grundhaldenstrasse 60
8303 Bassersdorf
Project Leader
Dr. Kornél Szabó
Phone: +41 44 360 80 30
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