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During the annual conference of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) on the scientific support of the European Strategy for the Danube Region, a delegation of researchers from Andrássy University Budapest (AUB) presented the vision and current status of the international research project ExpAct – “Experience keep people active”.

The leaders of the project at the AUB, Prof Martina Eckardt and Prof Stefan Okruch together with Dr Lukas Paa discussed results of ongoing research activities with representatives of the JRC, the scientific think tank of the EU commission, and with various top-ranking experts of the Danube region.

As part of the track „Smart Specialisation in the ICT Sector“, Prof Okruch presented the idea behind the project ExpAct to the audience. He showed how ICT can be used for the inclusion of older adults by enabling them to assess and share their experience. He also highlighted how well the project fits to the pillars of the Danube strategy. Through the close collaboration of research institutes, end-user organisations and small and medium sized enterprises, ExpAct not solely contributes to the development of the Knowledge Society (Priority Area 7), but at the same time supports the objectives to support the Competitiveness of enterprises (Priority Area 8) as well as to invest in People and skills (Priority Area 9).

The three researchers established contacts with various colleagues in the very active field of ICT Research in the Danube Region and got to know their Projects and initiatives. Additionally, Prof. Okruch was appointed member of a Jury to evaluate potential future ICT Projects in the Danube Region.